A look at Hostgator Hosting Service

Established in 2002 Hostgator is perhaps one of the most popular webhosting companies in the world. In terms of web hosting the company specializes in different types of web hosting that include the following types of hosting.


Shared Hosting: This is the most popular type of hosting for personal websites and small businesses. In shared hosting clients share a given server thus making this type of hosting a bit cheaper but less reliable. It is mostly used by clients with personal websites that require hosting or for very small businesses. A fine example of shared hosting is A2hosting. Get best A2hosting plans and coupons at intairnet.org.

Dedicated Hosting: When it comes to dedicated hosting clients have an opportunity of using a dedicated server all to themselves thus making it more reliable. Dedicated hosting is however a bit expensive as compared to the other types of hosting. Siteground provides dedicated hosting servers and has been growing pretty decently in this industry. You can get up to 60% off on its plans at the following coupon site- www.celebrateall.org/hosting-coupons/siteground.

VPS (Virtual private server) hosting: In VPS hosting the server is partitioned into various compartments allowing each client to occupy a particular compartment. Although the clients still share the server it is relatively reliable since all the clients have a partition.

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Hostgator Hosting has quite a remarkable uptime compared to other webhosting companies. For any business, its website provides a link to the success of the business. Whenever a glitch occurs and customers are unable to access the website even for a very short period of time money is lost. Therefore having a web hosting company that has a reliable uptime is quite good. Statistics show that Gator Host has an uptime of about 99% compared to other web hosting companies. I must say that this is quite remarkable.The ease of use is also really impressive. Most webhosting companies have quite a complex interface that makes users have a problem when accessing their accounts. Hostgator has provided a cpanel control panel that lets users access their accounts by simply logging in to their accounts in order to see the status of their websites. This is quite convenient. The Hostgator cPanel is quite easy to navigate and does not have a lot of complications when it comes to accessing your website.


Hostgator has introduced unique coupons into the market in order to help customers make the best of its web hosting services. The coupons have been tailor made for customers to help them save money. Visit this link for best hostgator hosting coupons and promos. Hostgator offers new clients an ability to enjoy their services within the first month for as little as 1 penny. This is necessary for clients to enjoy the company’s services before they can make up their minds on whether they need their services. Potential clients are also given coupon codes that make them eligible for discounts for most if not all of the company’s services. The services that are eligible for Hostgator discount include domain registration and hosting. For discounts on domain registration services provided by GoDaddy, try this Godaddy domain discount coupon.

Hostgator has over the years provided some of the best quality services when it comes to web hosting. Their products have been tailor made to offer the best results for their clients. Apart from them being affordable, Hostgator web hosting has a reputation of being very reliable in terms of uptime. As compared to the rest the web hosting providers, Hostgator really does stand out as a market leader.

Another strong contender in the hosting market is Bluehost. You may read more about Bluehost web hosting services and features. Bluehost offers a single shared hosting plan which comes across as quite a preferred choice of most webmasters. This Blue Host Discount will take you to the best Bluehost promo available in the market that gives access to their shared hosting at just $2.95 a month. You may also check out the details of another web hosting company Hostpapa. Hostpapa hosting is a green hosting provider with very effective plans. Their offers are available at www.intairnet.org/hosting-coupons/hostpapa/.